Small changes are all it takes to make a big difference in our health. But change can be hard. That’s why often times men ignore the signs that their health is running at less than optimal. We make it simple for you. LIFE™ THERAPEUTICS Men’s Health formulas designed by a leading Naturopathic Doctor offer targeted, multi-action therapeutics to address health concerns specific to men.


It’s not about being strong, it’s about being resilient.

Mental health is more than just avoiding a mental illness. Its about giving your body the support it needs to be resilient in the face of modern day realities, like stress, work life balance and poor sleep quality. Our line of powerful multi-action therapeutics are designed by a Naturopathic Doctor and contain clinically proven ingredients shown to support your mood, cognitive function, and mental well-being.


Easy, effective solutions to address her needs.

Whether its work, life, or hormones, finding balance as a woman can be a challenge. Designed by a leading Naturopathic Doctor our line of multi-action therapeutics contain clinically proven ingredients that help women meet their specific health goals no matter where they are in their life.

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  • NU LIFE™Therapeutics’ DAILY STRESS RELIEF is a naturally-derived, multi-action formula designed to help manage feelings of stress and tension.* Scientifically formulated by a Naturopathic Doctor and containing only clinically researched ingredients, DAILY STRESS RELIEF works to temporarily relieve the feelings of nervousness and can be used year-round to improve overall mental well-being  and positive moods.*…

  • NU LIFE™ Therapeutics ENERGY is a naturally derived fast acting, long lasting occasional fatigue-fighter that provides an immediate energy boost without the crash.* Scientifically formulated by a Naturopathic Doctor, this multi-action formula utilizes 2 of the strongest and most researched types of ginseng as well as rhodiola root and green tea to help support mental…

  • NU LIFE™ Therapeutics MOOD CARE is a multi-action formula that is ideal for anyone looking for a more natural approach to help fight low moods When recommending such products, I advise people to look for a combination of ingredients that address multiple reasons why they may be feeling low. That’s what makes Mood Care so…

  • NU LIFE™ Therapeutics PROSTATE CARE is a multi-action formula that is ideal for adult males looking for a natural approach to maintain good overall prostate health. Unlike other products on the market, Prostate Care has been created by a naturopathic doctor. This formula combines clinically proven ingredients like saw palmetto, stinging nettle root and lycopene…